Business Policy
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our vineyard

The bodega (or producer) holds 35 ha of estate owned vines, 28 of which are in Fuentelcésped and the remaining 7 ha in San Juan del Monte, comprised of 95% Tinto del País (Tempranillo), 2% Cabernet Sauvignon, 1% Merlot y 2% Albillo (local white grape).


Our vineyards are located at opposite ends of the town’s limits with diverse soil profiles and orientations, allowing us to produce wines that are distinguished by their particular terroir characteristics. The vines range in age from 12 to 100 years old.

The vines are planted in different soil types, gravel, limestone, clay and sand. In addition they are located in very diverse pockets throughout the region, for example, some parcels are in forest lands, while others are surrounded by aromatic herbs.

All of the parcels are on sloping terrain, reaching a maximum altitude 940 meters.

The climate is considered continental, with moderately low rainfall, winters are cold and long while summers are dry. The significant thermal oscillations between the day and the night temperatures, especially during the summer, as well as between the seasons, playing a big role during the grape’s maturation phase.

The viticulture is carried out by of an ecological agronomist with the utmost respect for the vine and the environment guided by organic farming methods. No chemical agents or synthetic fertilizers are used. In addition biodynamic agricultural methods are followed with the objective of obtaining wines that best reflect the characteristics of their respective terroir (soil and microclimate).

The yields are limited, which in turn produces fruit with greater aromatic concentration and phenolic compounds, resulting in diverse, characteristic quality wines.

The vine training methods that we utilize is dependent on the grape variety and the microclimate that it is grown in. 70% of our vines employ the gobelet or low bush training method, while the remaining 30% uses various training methods. Of which we are experimenting with vertical gobelet-types, like the Smart Dyson method, a system that uses cordon training with two cordons on either side of the trunk.

What we hope to achieve from our grape growing efforts is to learn from the respective terroir, allowing it to manifest itself to it's fullest potential, while transmitting that to our wines.

The Harvest

All of our harvesting is done manually. The handpicked grape clusters are placed in 12 to 15Kg boxes. Then transported to the bodega where they are placed in large refrigerated chambers, at 6ºC. Our objective is to avoid any microbiological or enzymatic upheaval, while insuring the grape’s integrity, before the grape proceeds with its next phase in the transformation. Allowing for the most favorable maceration period, time in contact with the grape skins, allowing the extraction of the varietal’s aromas and color. In addition we have a clever means of keeping our double selection process going via judicious use of our refrigeration chambers, despite harvesting conditions. Judirical Advisory