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Once the grape has reached a suitable temperature, the winery’s grape selection begins. In the first place, the grape is deposited on a conveyor belt for selection, where leaves, stems, stones and other unwanted parts, not in a good state, are removed, in other words, anything that will adversely affect the quality of the wine is eliminated.

After the grapes go through the stemmers, they are deposited on to a shaking table to sort the grapes further, where stalk parts that have remained attached to the berries are removed, as well as the grapes that do not meet our visual quality parameters, as we require.


After the arduous selection process, the grapes are gravity fed (to minimize damage) into a fermentation tank. Grapes from different vineyards are processed separately. This allows us to learn about the potential possibilities that each terroir has to offer and follow the evolution of these wines sourced from the various soils and microclimates. We have the opportunity to learn from the soil and its nature every year, evaluating the fruits of this labor, as it is reflected in our wines.

The winery uses three types of tanks in the wine production process, each characterized by the material that they are made from:
- Four 8,000 liter vats made of French oak.
- Six 15,000 liter stainless steel tanks.
- Four 10,000 liter concrete vats, made by Nomblot in Burgundy. We are the first winery in the Ribera del Duero to use these type of vats.

All of them are truncated cone type, in order to facilitate pigeage (or
punch down) to break the cap and obtain greater amounts of color and flavor extraction...


The winery relies on an assembly of 650 French oak barrels in their cellar, selected among the French cooperage firms with the greatest respect for our wines. Malolactic fermentation ageing on lees with Oxoline battonage (for the red wines), takes place in these barrels. 10 Hungarian oak barrels are employed our white wine, Albillo, where fermentation, ageing on lees with battonage and ageing takes place. Likewise, the ageing for the different vineyard plots are all carried out separately.

The winery’s objective is clear, to produce quality wines that express the characteristics of the terroirs in which their vines grow in. Hence, are reliance on vineyards situated in very diverse conditions, treated with the utmost respect within a traditional wine-growing region. Utilizing the most innovative methods and facilities available, where respect to the grape and the wine are first and foremost. Judirical Advisory